Thursday’s Top Accessory: Jawbone UP24


Every Thursday we write about a particular accessory we’ve been using over the course the past week and today we’re focusing our attention on Jawbone’s latest fitness offering, the UP24, which hit the shelves earlier this year alongside the company’s revamped version of its Jambox audio system.

UP24 is the most recent model of Jawbone’s flagship fitness wristband. It records your steps and tracks your sleep on a daily basis as it wirelessly syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to provide you with this detailed information.

Its extremely user-friendly app allows you to log your workouts and daily food intake too. You can either scan the barcode on the packaging of the food you consume in order to retrieve the nutritional information, enter the name of the food/drink and nutritional information manually or you can search Jawbone’s comprehensive database of foods, to add products to your intake list.

The great thing about UP24 is that it’s always connected and provides you with real-time feedback on your phone. You can even configure notifications and nudges to help motivate you throughout the day — so if you’re nearing your target amount of steps, you’ll be prompted to go on another walk, or visit the gym.

If you like the sound of the UP24 fitness band by Jawbone and want to pick one up for $149.99 — click the source link below.