Wednesday’s Must Have Game: Plant vs. Zombies 2


Today’s selection for our weekly Wednesday’s Must Have Game column is Plants vs. Zombies 2, which originally launched for Android back in September 2013, the game has since been named as one of the best action-strategy adventure games on the market and just two days ago it surpassed 20,000,000 downloads.

In this Plants vs. Zombies sequel, you’re invited to join Crazy Dave on his latest adventure. You’ll encounter and overcome legions of zombies “from the dawn of time to the end days.”

On your journey, you’ll need to earn and use ultra-powerful plants, alongside several amusing power-ups, to create an army of plants which can then be supercharged with the food you have secured — enabling you to energize your defences to prevent the hordes of zombies from eating your brain!

In order to understand just how good Plants vs. Zombies 2 really is, you have to play it, so feel free to check out its trailer below, then head on over to the Play Store to download it — I promise, you won’t be disappointed!