Google publishes kernel source files for the G Watch & Gear Live


Google has just released and uploaded the official kernel files for both Samsung’s Gear Live (Sprat) and LG’s G Watch (Dory) to its Android Source Platform. For many of us, they’re not much use, but for developers they’re a godsend as they now have the tools to produce some awesome new features.

Developers love getting their hands on kernel source codes, because they enables them to work around the clock in order to adapt the codes to develop some impressive custom ROMs, applications and in this case, watch faces that we can download and install on our own devices.

Bill Yi, a member of the Android Building Google Group, published a statement alongside this release disclosing that the development team is planning to do a ‘full platform push’ for Android’s next milestone release (Android L) — so we should be seeing a lot more source codes made readily available to developers in the not-too-distant future.

If you’re a developer and you want to download your copy of the kernel source files for the G Watch and the Gear Live — click the source link below.