App of the Week: Mailbox


Today’s App of the Week is called Mailbox. It made its debut appearance on the Google Play Store just two months ago and has been recognized as one of the most elegant, user-friendly, secure and feature-packed third-party email clients ever since. So, consequently, we decided to bring the application its very own review here at Cult of Android.

Mailbox for Android is brimming with all the latest and greatest features, including the ability to set reminders, create and attach documents, save received files directly to Dropbox, create ‘smart lists’, archive chats, scan entire conversations and snooze mail to be read later.

The coolest feature this app tenders is, without a doubt, its snooze function. Simply click on an email and tap the clock symbol located in the menu bar. The email will then disappear. Once Mailbox detects that you have re-entered your inbox, the snoozed email will reappear.

Mailbox for Android embraces an all-new ‘Auto Swipe’ feature – so users can now archive emails instantly, the app will also automatically archive emails from the same sender when they arrive in the course of time. This characteristic can be toggled by swiping in from the device’s right-hand side of the screen on the desired email and then selecting the ‘Auto Swipe Archive’ option.

Unlike other third-party email clients available for Android, Mailbox comes with integrated virus protection –  meaning you’ll be safe from any nasty software phishing bugs that try to infiltrate your system.

Users have the option to access Mailbox’s unique unified inbox too, which allows you to view all your mail in one place, without the distraction of having to navigate into separate accounts to retrieve mail. This is particularly useful if you have multiple email accounts configured on your smartphone/tablet and often need to filter through a ton of mail in order to find one specific email.

We thoroughly believe that Mailbox takes the crown from any other third-party email client that we have tested here at Cult of Android. So, if you’re in the market for a new piece of software to create, read and manage emails, then we strongly urge you to give Mailbox a try. If you want to download the application just hit the Google Play Store link below.