Video: Home automation using an Android Wear smartwatch


Wondering how useful Android Wear powered smartwatches are? Well, how about controlling different aspects of your house via it by simply using the “OK Google” voice command. 

Armando Ferreira, known popularly as a Tasker Ninja and for his home automation skills, has uploaded a video on YouTube demoing how he is controlling his office lights, the popcorn machine, his computer, TV and even the temperature at his home via simple voice commands to his LG G Watch.

Check out the video below to see some insane home automation using Android Wear (and an Android smartphone) in action:

Obviously, automation at this level requires not only an Android Wear smartwatch but also some costly home hardware embedded with various sensors. So, if you thought that simply buying an Android Wear powered smartwatch would allow you to achieve this kind of home automation, then you are wrong.

In case you do have all the required hardware, install Tasker, various Auto plugins from joaomgcd on your Android device and setup various tasks that you can then trigger via simple voice commands to your smartwatch.