Fake Android Store Sells Real iPhones To Wannabe Celebrities

The newest fake Android store in China sells the new iPhone

Those clever Chinese people are great at copying anything. Fake iPhones. Fake Louis Vuitton bags. Fake Gucci sweaters. Fake Disneyland. The list is endless. We’ve even seen quite a few fake Apple Stores pop-up in China over the years. Some even looked like an exact replica of the real thing. Well now some clever Chinese citizens have moved on and are now opening up fake Android stores. The only problem is, Android phones don’t sell so well, so they sell genuine iPhones and iPads
Not long ago, Google opened up their first Androidland store in Melbourne, Australia which served as an inspiration for this awesomely green center of mobile phone commerce that blogger Brian Glucroft discovered during one of his street explorations. The store pictured above is located in Nanping in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, and even though it features a prominent Android logo, you can see iPhone marketing materials by the door.

“名流智能手机体验店”, which is under the word “Android” on the store’s sign, can be literally translated as “Celebrities Smartphone Experience Store,” so we’re guessing the owners of the shop are trying to cater to wannabe celebrities whose iPhone hook-up connections with importers have dried up. A fake Android store, that sells authentic Apple devices to people who want to be real celebrities – ironic?

Along with a plentiful stock of iPhones and new iPads, the store also includes a wide variety of Android-based smartphones. This is the first fake Android store we’ve seen, but it certainly won’t be the last. What we’re really excited to see is someone creating any fake Microsoft store. Anyone in China up for it yet?

[Isidor’s Fugue via DVICE]