Thursday’s Top Accessory: Snap Case for the Nexus 5


Every Thursday we bring you a report on a particular accessory we’ve been using over the course the past week and today we’re focusing our attention on Google’s minimalistic and relatively functional ‘Snap Case’, which made its debut appearance back in May 2013 alongside the search engine giant’s flagship smartphone — the Nexus 5.

Google’s official Snap Case is a traditional semi flimsy, polycarbonate case which simply snaps onto the handset, covering the sides, the back and the four corners of the Nexus 5, providing adequate protection for any minor knocks and bumps the device may incur during day-to-day use. This case also hangs slightly over the front, in order to prevent the screen from smashing in the event of a front-facing drop.

Google’s Snap Case is available in five eye-catching colors – black, aqua, grey, white and clear. All the colorways have integrated Qi compatibility for wireless charging, so you won’t have to sacrifice the convenient charging mechanism just to protect your phone, like most other cases on the market force you to do.

If you like the sound of the Google Snap Case case and want to pick one up for your Nexus 5 — click the source link below to head on over to the Play Store where you can grab one for $29.99