Fleksy assures that Samsung’s first smartwatch is not left out in the cold


Fleksy, the award-winning smart keyboard company, announced today that it is in the process of rolling out major updates for both its Android beta and Galaxy Gear applications. The first bundles support for 15 new languages, together with significant accuracy improvements for all supported languages which now exceed 35 in total, and the second includes compatibility for Samsung’s first smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear 1 (formerly known as the Galaxy Gear). 

This comes not too long after Fleksy’s statement in April, which revealed that it was adapting and expanding its extremely popular keyboard application for the much-anticipated launch of iOS 8 — it’s clear that the company is targeting the international market for growth.

The recently implemented languages are beta modules for  Norwegian, Catalan, Hebrew, Croatian and Romanian; all of which are the most requested languages by the Fleksy user community.

Fleksy Messenger ‘s update for Samsung’s Gear smart watches has also been the subject of discussion today. Together with the usual multitude of stability improvements, bug fixes and speed optimizations, Fleksy has announced that the markets first smartwatch messaging application now supports the Gear 1 following its upgrade by Samsung to the Tizen operating system.

“We’ve been amazed at the positive reception Fleksy Messenger is receiving in the Gear community. We are already one of the top apps on the platform, and user reviews speak for themselves when it comes for Fleksy’s accuracy on a small screen” said Ioannis Verdelis, Founder and COO of Fleksy. “We are proud to be the leaders in the wearables text input market, and can’t wait to show what we have in store as the wearable technology market expands”

If you own a Galaxy Gear and want to get your hands on the Fleksy Messenger application head on over to the Samsung Apps application installed on your smartphone and search for ‘Fleksy’ then follow the steps to download the application on your smartwatch. If you have the Fleksy Android beta installed on your device and want to grab the latest version head on over to the official beta community by clicking here.