Guilty as (un)charged: Phones with dead batteries banned on U.K. flights


If you’re flying into or out of the United Kingdom, you’d better make sure your Android or iOS handset is fully charged. With the U.S. government recently announcing that all airline passengers with personal electronics devices will now be required to turn them on to prove that they work, the U.K.’s Department for Transport has announced that the same rules will now apply in the United Kingdom.

The new ruling follows reports that terrorists may be able to use phones and electronic devices as a conveyor of explosives that can get around current security checks.

Although it’s most likely not going to apply to every single flight, the specific routes have not been announced for security reasons, meaning that to be safe instead of sorry you’re best making sure your gadgets are fully charged before checking in at the airport.

For those who find their hardware is out of juice, there will be the option of leaving your phone with staff for later collection — a less than ideal situation if you’re going to want to use your smartphone or tablet while you’re out of the country.

While safety is one thing, we’re certainly not looking forward to the prospect of premium charging stations at the airport (and you know someone’s already thinking about the money-spinning potential of that)!

Source: Telegraph