Community to be brought back for sixth season … by Yahoo


Many Community fans were upset at the news back in May that the popular sitcom was being taken off the air.

Well, Yahoo has come to the rescue, announcing that it is picking up the show for a sixth season to be screened on little-known video streaming site Yahoo Screen.

The news was confirmed by both Community star Joel McHale and Yahoo:

By snatching the series — which, judging from the number of retweets the news received, still has some life in it — from its seemingly logical rescuer Netflix, Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer lives up to the pledge she made back in April that Yahoo would make “smart, strategic investments” into the world of streaming video.

If Netflix wants to get back at Yahoo by picking up a popular canceled show of its own, suggestions can be found here. The Community deal is certainly good news for comedy fans everywhere — and something that is likely to be among Yahoo’s most popular business decisions of the year.

Source: TechCrunch