Sony unveils Xperia in Business for its enterprise customers


Sony has announced a new programme targeted towards enterprise customers, dubbed Xperia in Business. The service is similar to Samsung’s KNOX security suite, which aims to provide an additional level of security to enterprise users for sharing and managing their business information along with relevant tools for managing devices in bulk. 

Xperia in Business users will also be entitled to free 50GB of storage space on Box for life.

The programme also supports third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, providing companies the ability to enforce additional security policies, remotely wipe a device or find-and-lock it. Other features include the ability to completely mobilise a workforce with the advanced Xperia Email, Calendar and Contact apps and enforcing the configuration of email and VPNs.

Samsung has been the undisputed leader in the enterprise security solution via its KNOX suite, which has even led Google to integrate certain parts of it in Android L. Other OEMs have been surprisingly lacking in this department, and Sony is now trying to capitalize on this via its Xperia in Business programme.

You can find out more about Sony’s Xperia in Business and the list of supported devices here.