How to check if your Android device is compatible with Android Wear


Android Wear was among the plethora of announcements that Google made yesterday at its keynote in Google I/O. The company talked in length about the various features of Android Wear and how apps will make it more useful in our day to day life. 

In its keynote, Google mentioned that Android Wear will work with all devices running Android 4.3 or higher with the latest version of Google Play Services installed. However, in case you are still wondering whether your Android device is compatible with Android Wear or not, you can head over to

The website will simply display whether your Android device will work with an Android Wear powered smartwatch or not. Since most of the major Android devices are already running on Android 4.3 or higher and Google has begun rolling out the latest version of Play Services, chances are your device supports Android Wear.

In case it is not, don’t lose hope as once your OEM releases the Android 4.3 update for your handset, you could use an Android Wear smart watch with it. However, if you use an iPhone, you are completely out of luck. Maybe, its time to shift over to the other side?