OnePlus explains the reason behind the unnecessary delay of its phone


For a “flagship killer”, the OnePlus One has been delayed numerous times. In a bid to communicate better with their potential customers and to bust some of the rumors floating around on the Internet behind these unnecessary delays, one of the spokespersons from OnePlus has spoken in-depth about the company’s production capacity over on their forums.

According to Carl, the procurement cycle for the display and touch sensors is nearly three months long. This means that whatever OnePlus One units are shipping out right now, the orders for their display and touch sensors were made way back in April. In addition, the company has a very strict quality control, which has led to the display pass rate being below 70%.

Further adding to the delay is the complexity in manufacturing the back cover of the handset, which the company currently manufacturing it is facing yield issues. The 64GB NAND chip is also tough to get hold of since its not a very popular capacity among NAND OEMs.

The good news, however, is that OnePlus has been working closely with its suppliers and partners and the production of the device is planned to pick up from next week, perfectly aligning with the company’s statement of an increased availability in late June.

Initially, when the OnePlus One was announced, I was pretty excited about it since it had the perfect hardware and software combination that I wanted. However, all these unnecessary delays and the invite system hype have made me steer clear of the handset for now.