The non-Microsoft part of Nokia has released an Android launcher


Nokia — the part that has not been sold to Microsoft — has released a new launcher for Android devices, dubbed Z Launcher. Like every other launcher recently released on the Play Store, Z launcher aims to make your life simpler by offering app suggestions depending on the time and your usage habits. 

Unlike other launchers though, Z Launcher only has one home screen where users can scribble to search for apps, contacts, their browser history or even do a Google search. There is no support for widgets or multiple home screens at the moment though.

The launcher is currently in limited pre-beta phase and is quite slow on my Nexus 5. Nokia says that it is currently compatible with only a few selected devices including the Nexus 5, Galaxy S4 or S5, Xperia Z1, Moto X and a few other devices running Android 4.1 or higher. For some strange reason though, the launcher does not work on rooted devices.

Nokia has already closed the limited pre-beta but you can always manually side load the APK from here.