Beats Music updates its Android app, despite Apple ownership


Apple may have bought Beats, but that’s apparently not enough to stop Beats cutting support for its Beats Music Android app, which just received a notable update.

The update adds a new landscape mode, as well as the ability to save offline downloads to an external SD card, and transfer offline downloads between an SD card and internal device storage.

As well as this, the app’s navigation tools have been given an added spit-shine, with the overhaul of the “Just for You” recommendations, which are now more refined than ever. The “Browse” function in the left hand navigation bar has meanwhile been renamed “Find It Now.”

On top of this, there’s improved playback and the usual unspecified tweaks and bug fixes.

The fact that an Apple-owned company is continuing to support Google is certainly interesting — prompting the question of whether this is symbolic of Apple’s new openness as a company, or whether Android is simply living on borrowed time?

This isn’t the first interesting conflict the Beats deal has posed. Yesterday we reported on the fact that Beats allegedly plans to continue using LeBron James (who made roughly $30 million from the Beats acquisition) in future ads for the brand, despite his history as a Samsung shill.

Source: Beats