Android’s heading for a major facelift


When Android launched Ice Cream Sandwich back in October 2011 it was very unattractive, muddled and disorganized, but Google has never stopped dabbling with Android’s design and now it has evolved into a significantly cleaner, more subtle operating system. However, it looks like the search engine giant isn’t done just yet.

According to an anonymous source, Google is in the process of developing a unified design program for its applications and platforms, called Quantum Paper, which will allow developers to integrate a universal user interface into their applications so they perform the same on the web, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and OS X.

As you can see from the leaked screenshots below, the development team over at Mountain View HQ has been working on a new, flatter more iconic version of the traditional Gmail application that looks and functions the same on both Android and the web.


Quantum Paper isn’t only for Google and its applications though. Just like Apple, Google is planning to turn its latest development into a new design language that will be available as an API for developers to use and integrate into their own apps in order to unify their applications across the entire internet.

I, personally, think this is a great idea, and wish Google the best of luck on their venture towards design unity on the internet.