Google Fit is the company’s answer to Apple’s HealthKit


Not to be left behind Apple’s HealthKit framework that collects and aggregates a user’s health data from various services and devices, Google is working on its own health service called Google Fit if this report from Forbes is to be believed.

The service will collect data from popular fitness trackers and health related apps and aggregate them into a central place, similar to Apple’s HealthKit.

Google Fit will allow devices and other apps to connect to it via open APIs and instruction sets. It is also believed that Google will be announcing partnerships with many fitness wearable devices makers at its I/O conference later this year. It is, however, not yet clear if Google will be releasing Fit as a part of the next version of Android or as a standalone app.

Google had earlier tried to aggregate a user’s health information under one roof via Google Health but shut it down in 2012.

With Android Wear smartwatches able to track a user’s step and sleeping pattern, Google’s Fit service would make perfect sense. The success or failure of the service, however, depends on how Google is able to execute this idea.

Looking at how Google used its Play Services framework and app to roll out new features and APIs to developers at last year’s I/O conference (e.g. Google Play games), it is very well possible that the company would pull a similar move this time with its Fit service. This way it would make Google Fit instantly available to millions of Android users out there, which is not possible if it integrated the feature into the next version of Android.