Pushbullet teams up with EvolveSMS to bring unofficial Motorola Connect to all Android devices


Earlier today, Pushbullet announced that it’s teamed up with EvolveSMS to furnish users the ability to view and reply to text messages they receive on their Android-powered smartphone, directly from their PC or Mac — So users will no longer have to touch their phone in order to read and respond to messages, just like the service Motorola offers with its exclusive Connect suite.

This new service is currently in its beta phase and requires the latest version of both the applications to be installed on your handset. You will then have to head on over to both Pushbullet’s and EvolveSMS’ Google+ communities to apply to become a beta tester. Finally, you’ll need to navigate to the Chrome Web Store and install the official Pushbullet extension, which allows you to mirror the notifications you receive on your phone to your computer.

Once you’re registered, it’s important to bear in mind the version you’re using is not intended for general public use and while it has undergone some internal testing, you may still experience some issues, if your edition happens to be too buggy and is not very usable simply uninstall it, and wait for the next build to be distributed.

What do you think of this new feature? Would you like to see it built into more Android devices as standard? Will you be using it? Be sure to let us know over on our Google+ page or in the comments section down below.