Orbotix Gets The Ball Moving, Starts Shipping First Batch Of Spheros

Earlier this month, Orbotix apologized for dropped the ball (all puns intended) on their shipment deadline of pre-holiday arrival. They blamed themselves entirely and promised to “ramp up” production. Thankfully they’ve gotten the ball moving and have rolled out their first batch of Spheros. We’re not entirely sure how many Spheros have gone out but some of you may have the opportunity to play with your balls right before for Christmas.

The Sphero is essentially a robotic ball which can be controlled by any supporting device. Inside is a small robot with an Internal guidance system including a gyro, accelerometer and compass. Users can then use compatible apps to control their Sphero ball and enjoy an array of single and multi-player games. The outside of the ball is made of an opaque high-impact polycarbonate shell to ensure durability. There are many fun things you can do with a Sphero — did I mention they also make great cat toys:

Anyone who purchased a Sphero or is looking to purchase one, will be getting:

  • Sphero robotic ball
  • Inductive charging base
  • Quick Start card
  • User manual
  • Apps available through iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace – several are free

For more information about Sphero, how you can purchase one, and what you can do with it, visit gosphero.com