Software issues cause yet another OnePlus One delay (Updated)


More than a month after being unveiled, it is still near impossible to get your hands on the elusive OnePlus One. The initial batch of invites to buy the handset were sent earlier last week to a few lucky hundred people, but as it turns out, the company has once again delayed the shipping of their handset.

The invites themselves were supposed to go out by late-May but were delayed due to some critical software bugs. The reason behind the delay this time is the software again, which the OnePlus and CyanogenMod team are working on perfecting.

Below is what the company has said about the delay in their email to all the people who received the invite and ordered the handset:

As we previously mentioned, the software recently received a major update but we are still working on perfecting some final issues. For that reason, we can’t yet confirm the exact date that the phone will ship. We are tirelessly working to make the One the phone you’ve been waiting for and so we’re going to hold off until we know that everything runs smoothly before sending them off. We can assure you we’ll keep you well updated on the progress and will get the phones to you as soon as we possibly can.

Before you get all worked up, remember that the CyanogenMod team is as much responsible for the delay as the folks behind OnePlus are. I guess the company is finally getting a taste of all the various certifications that a software needs to pass before it can be shipped on a phone.

Either ways, after hyping a product so much, all these delays are not going to help OnePlus gain the trust of potential consumers in any way.

Update: The CyanogenMod team has stated that the delay is because of some new openSSL vulnerabilities.