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AppRush is a really great and simple idea that allows smartphone app developers (Android or iOS) to get reviews of their apps while end users can earn bucks for trying out new apps and posting reviews. All via signing up to AppRush’s easy-to-use website. If you are an app developer who wants to get lots of reviews on the app store, or a mobile app user interested to make money testing and reviewing apps, find out more here.

AppRush is a platform that connects mobile developers who need feedback on their apps with users willing to provide it.

Mobile developers pretty much always need test users when they are about to launch a new app. They need the initial feedback to fix potential problems and usability issues, and they also need an initial influx of app installs and app store reviews to get the ball rolling. AppRush provides all those services.

Smartphone users, on the other hand, are always looking for and installing new mobile apps. With AppRush service they become able to earn money while discovering new apps and reviewing them.

There are basically two types of reviews offered: a brief one provided inside the respective app store (Apple’s App Store or Google Play), and a more detailed one where users fill out a questionnaire answering to specific questions the developer might have.

For basic reviews, users get $3 per review. For detailed reviews, users get $5 per review. Users can review as many apps as they like. Payment is fast and simple via PayPal.

Unlike other similar services, AppRush reviews are 100% provided by real users, and the service not only encourages but requires reviews to be 100% honest. AppRush constantly monitors the reviews and if a certain user is found only to give blatantly positive or non-relevant reviews that user will be removed from the AppRush platform.

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Signup to AppRush is easy and smartphone users get a $5 startup bonus.

There are two types of reviews: brief reviews and more detailed ones where the user may be asked to respond to certain questions from the developer.