Sony teases its “next big thing” with a blurry photo


Sony’s latest flagship — the Xperia Z2 — has just started hitting the retail stores in some of the major markets across the globe but that has not stopped the company from teasing its “next big thing”.

The company today took to Twitter and its blog to post the side profile of an ultra-slim handset, that is probably the successor to the Xperia Z Ultra released last year. 

The Xperia Z Ultra was a niche device and did not really set the sales chart soaring for Sony, even though the company released a Google Play edition of the device late last year. With a 6.44-inch display, the Z Ultra was easily among the largest phablets launched last year.

Considering that the Xperia Z2 itself comes with a 5.2-inch display, any new device with a less than 6-inch display will not make much sense in its current line-up. The side profile confirms that Sony’s “next big thing” would still be making use of its OmniBalance design and come with its renowned power button, albeit in a much smaller size.

Are you excited about the Xperia Z Ultra 2? Or are you still bummed about Sony not brining the Xperia Z2 to the United States?