OnePlus One gets speaker improvements and more in new CyanogenMod 11S update


With the initial batch of OnePlus One invites going out in around a week, the OnePlus and CyanogenMod team have been hard at work on squashing all the bugs present in the phone. Initial reviews of the OnePlus One suggested that while it aces a suite of benchmarks, it has some stability issues with the pre-loaded firmware being pretty buggy.

The team is now rolling out the final version of CyanogenMod 11S to the handset, which fixes all the bugs reported by users and enhances a few other features.

The full change-log of the update is below:

  • Better earpiece performance
  • Fixes lockscreen glitches
  • Smoother 4K video recording
  • Adds stereo video recording
  • Fixes Home key glitch on double-tap
  • Better keyboard haptic feedback
  • Redesigned Flashlight app
  • New welcome screen

Other changes not mentioned in the change-log above include an improved performance of the stereo speakers on the OnePlus One, making it louder than the likes of the Nexus 5, Nexus 10 and even the Moto G. The firmware update also allows users to apply icon packs from the Play Store to not just the launcher itself, but to the whole system.

Interestingly, the update also adds the option to record videos in true 4K DCCI at 24FPS — a format in which filmmakers usually shoot. There are quit a lot of other minor changes in the update that help improve the usability of the handset as well.

The only catch with this update is that it will factory reset your phone, thereby wiping it clean of all data. So, make sure to back up everything before you install the update.

With a storm of invite coming in June and most of the bugs squashed, the OnePlus One is finally looking like a promising handset.