Wednesday’s Must Have Game: Devil’s Attorney

Devils Attorney

Today’s selection for our weekly Wednesday’s Must Have Game column is entitled Devil’s Attorney, it originally launched for Android back in May, 2013, and has since picked up a bunch of hefty upgrades loaded with great features making it one of the better law-based games on the market.

If you enjoy an old fashioned turn-based strategy game, then Devil’s Attorney is the one for you. Set in the 80’s, you play the role of Max McMann, a defence attorney that’s “high on charm but low on moral fibre.”

Your objective is to have your clients found not guilty by providing the judge with sufficient evidence to prove that they did not commit the crime. You can then use the money you earn from your clients representation to buy new furniture and accessories for your apartment. Therefore, boosting, McMann’s ego and unlocking new courtroom skills, which guarantees you an instant win against the judge.

During your time playing this game, you will be tasked with 58 challenging cases to complete, 3 neighbourhoods to explore, 9 previous prosecutors to outwit, and 1 implausible storyline to follow and enjoy.

There is a sense of fun, entertainment and comical humor bundled into Devil’s Attorney, be sure to check out the trailer below.

If you like the sound of Devil’s Attorney — you can pick it up from the Google Play Store for $1.99.