Spotify encourages Android users to update their apps following data breach


Data breaches are becoming more and more prevalent amongst major companies,  Spotify is the most recent to suffer the nasty consequences of what could have been a byproduct of the recent Heartbreak virus.

Earlier today, the folks over at the music-streaming service announced that, unfortunately, there had been some unauthorised access to its systems and internal company data. Fortunately, only one customer’s non-sensitive account data was accessed, but the service is taking extreme care to ensure other users are not affected.

‘As a precautionary measure against any potential ongoing risk,’ the development team are now rolling out a ‘secure’ update via the Play Store for the official Spotify app. So if you receive a push notification from Spotify prompting you to upgrade, please follow the instructions, in order to reduce the likelihood of any additional data being accessed.

If you have any questions about this recent breach of security, be sure to check out the full FAQ below, which was originally published on Spotify’s official support forum.

Has my user account information been compromised? Our evidence shows that only one Spotify user’s data has been accessed and this did not include any password, financial or payment information. We have contacted this one individual. Based on our findings, we are not aware of any increased risk to users as a result of this incident.

Is my Android phone compromised? We do not believe this incident will affect your phone in any way. However, as an extra safety step, we are going to guide Android app users to upgrade over the next few days. If Spotify prompts you for an upgrade, please follow the instructions. As always, Spotify does not recommend installing Android applications from anywhere other than Google Play, Amazon Appstore or

I can’t log in to my Spotify account or I’m being told to download a new version, what’s going on? As a result of action we have taken to safeguard our service and our user information, we are going to guide Android app users to upgrade to a new version of Spotify in order to gain access to the service. If Spotify prompts you for an upgrade, please follow the instructions. If not, visit one of the approved sources above to get the latest version.

If I’m using iOS or Windows Phone, do I need to do anything? At this time there is no action recommended for iOS and Windows Phone users.

I have upgraded to the new version of Spotify and now all of my offline playlists have disappeared. Unfortunately, all playlists will have to be set offline again and re-downloaded in the new version of the Spotify Android app. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes, but hope you understand this is a necessary precaution to safeguard the quality of our service and protect our users.

How can I find out if the version of Spotify I have is the latest? 

In your Android Spotify app, tap the settings button (the three horizontal lines).

Select About.

See the version number at the top.

Make sure your app version number matches that listed in Google Play. If not, we suggest you uninstall the old version of the app and install the new one.

If you wish to find out more about the matter — hit the source link below.