Samsung’s Galaxy S5 can measure your stress levels


Apart from a fingerprint sensor, the Galaxy S5 also comes with a heart rate monitor located just below its 16MP camera on the back. Using the S-Health app bundled on the handset, users can monitor their heart rate and maintain a log for medial or other such purposes.

Now, in a recent update to S-Health, Samsung has added the ability to detect a users stress level. The feature makes use of the heart rate sensor and apparently depends on the changes in your heart beat to detect your stress levels.

It is very well possible to fool the app into thinking that you are under stress if you check your heartbeat after a run or swim or any other physically taxing activity. Thus, in day-to-day usage, this new feature is more of a gimmick than a welcome addition. Also, no one probably needs their smartphone to tell them that they are under stress. Either ways, if you own a Galaxy S5, head over to Samsung’s App store to install the latest update of S-Health.

The heart rate sensor on the Galaxy S5 is useful only for marketing purposes with very little use in day-to-day life. Instead of introducing features to increase its usability, Samsung has added another feature that boosts its gimmicky quotient. One can only hope that Samsung is also working on features that will actually make people use the heart rate sensor on a daily basis, rather than just showing it off to their friends every once in a while.