Paranoid Android developer brings Peek to all Android 4.4 devices


Paranoid Android’s Peek feature might be inspired from the Active Display functionality of the Moto X, but it still manages to be unique in its own way. Back when the feature was released, it was released in an APK form for all other KitKat running Android devices soon after. However, the app was pretty buggy and sparingly worked as well as PA’s Peek.

Now, the original developer of Peek — Jesús David Gulfo — and Francisco Franco have teamed up to release an app that brings the full features of Peek to any Android 4.4 device.

The aptly named Peek will allow users to interact with their notifications without having to press any button or waking up their device from sleep. As soon as they pick up their device, the screen will automatically turn on and show any new notifications along with the ability to interact with them.

Compared to PA’s Peek, the app does include a new design with sharper typography, new features like a blacklist and an improved layout for notifications. Keep in mind that the battery life of your device will be affected if you use Peek since it will be periodically waking up your device to check for new notifications and any movement.

Peek does cost a hefty $3.99, which many might deem to be a bit too high. However, considering how polished the app looks and the developers behind it, the app is well worth the money.

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