Wednesday’s Must Have Game: Sonic 4 Episode II


Sonic Episode II HC

Today’s choice for our weekly Wednesday’s Must Have Game column is entitled Sonic 4 Episode II, which originally launched for PlayStation 2 back in May, 2012, and has since been digitally remastered for use on all Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

Subsequent to events which took place in Episode I of this platform game, Metal Sonic has returned to form a formidable alliance with Dr. Eggman in an effort to prevent him from destroying the world. In order to face this new, treacherous form of evil, Sonic will have to call upon his old friend and beloved sidekick, Tails.

You, as the player, will take control of either Sonic or Tails and race across four brand new digitally remastered Zones with the objective of taking down some fearsome new “badniks” using a combination of deadly moves.

Users who own Episodes I & II of Sonic 4 will automatically unlock an exclusive Zone. You’ll be able to explore four levels across four reworked Zones from Episode I and experience the story of Metal Sonic’s revival after his courageous defeat in Sonic CD.

Sonic 4 Episode II is a paid game and is available to purchase directly from the Play Store for $0.99. I’d definitely advise you give it a go if you haven’t already. I guarantee you won’t put it down.