You can now save to Google Drive via the Gmail app


Google is in the midst of pushing out an exciting compatibility update for it’s official Gmail application for Android via the Play Store. This upgrade bring users the ability to save files directly to Google Drive, improved support for right-to-left languages and faster access to the side navigation menu.

Now when an email is received that consist of a file, whether it’s a document, audio clip, photograph, presentation or spreadsheet, you will have the facility to save it directly to your Google Drive account, where it’s easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer — thus freeing up more valuable space on your handset.

In addition, users who speak a right-to-left language, such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian, will now notice that the entire Gmail experience has been optimized to match its English counterpart. Profile pictures and the navigation menu are now on the right instead of the left-hand side of the display — so it feels more natural for RTL readers.

Furthermore, it’s also now significantly easier to navigate around the application. When reading messages, you can swipe in from the left-hand side of the screen (or right for RTL languages) to quickly gain access to a list of your Accounts, Inboxes, Labels and Links to the Settings, Help together with Feedback sections of the app are also present in this menu.

If you’re a current Gmail user or a newcomer who just wants to try out the service — click the relevant link below to download and install the rather minute 8.4MB software update via the Google Play Store. It only takes approximately thirty seconds, give or take a few, depending on your Wi-Fi/Cellular connection.