Google brings PayPal integration to the Play Store


Google today announced a major update to the Google Play Payments service by adding support for new methods of payments and developer sale countries. The biggest highlight of this update is that Android users can now pay for their apps, music, games or movie purchases from the Play Store via PayPal.

While checking out, users will automatically get an option to login to Google Wallet and pay via their PayPal account, if they wish to. Right now, PayPal integration is only available in 12 countries including the United States, Germany and Canada. 

Google also expanded its carrier billing facility to seven additional countries including Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan, bringing the total tally to 22. In this process, it also managed to cover nearly half of the Google Play users. The company also expanded its Play Store gift cards availability to additional countries like Japan and Germany to bring the total tally to 13.


Lastly, Google now allows developers in 13 new countries to sell their apps on the Google Play Store. The new additions in this list include Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey. This means that developers from over 45 different countries from around the world can now sell their apps or games on the Play Store.

Google also revealed some interesting tidbits about the sales of apps and games on the Play Store. Compared to the last year, sales of apps and games have increased by more than 300 percent with two-thirds of the sale happening outside of the United States and rising steadily. The changes announced by the company today should further fuel this growth.

You can find the list of supported countries for payments via PayPal or carrier billing here.