Scratches on your HTC One M8’s camera lens? You’re not the only one


Even though the HTC One M8 features the same primary camera as its predecessor, it packs in some nice bokeh and 3D effects thanks to the secondary depth camera. The uFocus effect, in particular, which blurs the background behind a subject to provide a ‘bokeh’ effect works particularly well and is among the most highlighted features of the device.

However, there is a serious flaw with the One M8’s camera that will greatly affect your image quality. Read below to find out about it. 

The flaw is not with the primary or secondary camera hardware but with the glass lens protecting the UltraPixel camera. Apparently, it is very easy for the lens to get scratched badly, even in day to day usage. HTC One M8 forums around the Internet are filled with frustrated owners complaining about numerous hairline scratches on their camera lens.


Worse, some users have actually reported about the camera lens shattering for them without the device being involved in any kind of fall. Some have also reported of a scratched camera lens on their device right out of the box.

At the moment, HTC has not confirmed this issue but has been offering free replacements for users with a scratched camera lens. According to some XDA users, the scratches are mainly found in the One M8 whose serial number start from FA.

So, if you are the owner of a brand new One M8, better take care of that camera lens on the back as a lot of scratches can greatly impact the images from the UltraPixel camera.