Google Camera restores feature that never should have been killed


Google finally gave the AOSP camera app the makeover it deserved last month, renaming it Google Camera. In the process, though, the company removed a lot of features including a countdown timer and the ability to take time-lapse videos.

Today, Google is rolling out a minor update for the app that brings back a feature that never should have been removed in the first place — the ability to click pictures while recording a video. 

While this feature might seem inconsequential to many, it has come in handy to me in numerous situations. Sadly, just like in the previous app, any photos you take while recording will be of the same resolution as the video. There really is no workaround to this problem, which is more of a hardware limitation than a software one.

Google still needs to bring back time-lapse video mode and a timer to the app, which should happen eventually. This update also clearly shows why it was a wise move for Google to decouple the camera app from its Nexus devices and make it available on the Play Store. This way, the company can update the app whenever it wants with new features or fixes, without the hassle of rolling out a new OTA update.

The Google camera update should show up on the Play Store in a couple of days for you. If not, you can always manually grab the APK from here.