Google Maps now tells you which lane to drive in


Google Maps continues to show why it’s the best app for directions on any platform, with today’s impressive update that packs a number of small tweaks alongside one huge feature that will make following turn-by-turn directions easier and safer than ever.

The biggest addition is Google Maps’ new feature that tells you which lane to stay in so you don’t miss those quick exits on the freeway. It can also tell you alternative routes while you’re driving so you can choose how to get where you need to be.

My upcoming trip to the Grand Canyon will be much more navigable now that Google’s made it easier to save maps for offline use, allowing you to keep track of routes and other directions even if you don’t have a data connection. You can pull up saved maps from your profile to use on your next hike or vacation – just remember to save before you go.

Uber addicts will be pleased to find that Google Maps now tells you how an Uber ride compares to using public transit or walking. There’s also a new filter that sorts search results by opening hours, rating and price so you can find out if your favorite watering hole is closed before you leave.

Other additions include improved transit information like train departure times in select cities, as well as the ability to save locations for later to keep tabs on all the parks, museums and restaurants you want to hit up on your next vacation.

You can grab the free update in the App Store or Google Play today.