Google Play Music finally makes its way to Canada


More than a year after Google unveiled Play Music All Access in the United States, it has expanded the service to its neighbouring country — Canada. This means that Canadians can now enjoy listening to more than 20 million songs on their Android devices using the Play Music app.

While a monthly subscription to All Access will set users back by $9.99, Google is offering it for only $7.99 along with 30 days of free service as a promotional offer. So, you better hurry up and sign up for All Access if you don’t want to miss this offer. If you have a Chromebook, you will be entitled to 60 days of free Play Music All Access service, instead of the usual 30. Talk about Google favouring people who stick to their ecosystem.

Apart from All Access, Android users in Canada also get access to the Play Music store and the ability to upload their entire music collection to Google’s servers for free so that they can stream it later on their Android devices.

If you have been using Rdio for all your music streaming needs until now and are looking to import your playlists to Play Music, make sure to use this tool to save you the hassle of creating them from scratch.