The Android games everyone was playing in April


Last month, quite a few popular games made their way to the Play Store. However, there are only a handful of them that everyone is talking about and playing on their devices. Wondering what they are?

Well, worry not as we have a list of the best games released on the Play Store in April that everyone is glued to. The list includes a high-quality console port, a popular iOS game and a couple of casual platformers. Read below to find out all about them.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Baldur’s Gate is a port of the classic party-based RPG game for Android devices. The game has been available for iOS devices for more than a year now and finally landed on the Play Store last month. If you are a fan of RPG games, this is a must have for you. The game is beautifully made with excellent characters, graphics and attention to detail.


The game contains more than 60-hours of gameplay along with some expansion packs like Tales of the Sword Coast and The Black Pits. Before you head over to the Play Store to purchase this $10 game, make sure that your Android device has enough free space (2GB) and grunt to run the game smoothly. There is also an IAP of $1.99 that you can use to unlock additional premium content in the game.

Download: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition ($9.99)

The Walking Dead: The Game

Fan of HBO’s The Walking Dead series? Well, then you are surely going to love the game as well. Based on the same premise as the television show, The Walking Dead is a five-part game series where you play as Lee Everett and kill zombies to protect an orphaned girl named Clementine.


While the first episode of the game is free to play, you will need to shell out an additional $4.99 for each of the other four seasons. Alternatively, you can also buy the full season pass at only $14.99 to save you some bucks. However, make sure that you own a latest high-end flagship device with at least 2GB of RAM so that the game runs smoothly.

Download: The Walking Dead: The Game (Free)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

If you are a fan of strategic games, you should need no introduction to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The award-winning game for PCs and consoles landed on the Play Store last month but is meant strictly for high-end devices.


The game’s premise is simple — the Earth is threatened by an unknown enemy and it is up to the Earth’s governments to form an elite paramilitary organisation, known as XCOM with you as their commander, to save it. In this role, you will have to recruit new soldiers, form a plan of action, engage in combat, discover new weapons, technology and even aliens.

The only problem with the game is the on-screen controls but if you own a gamepad, it should not bother you much. If not, make sure to try out the game within the first 15 mins of downloading it so that you can at least get a refund if you are not comfortable with how the controls work.

Download: XCOM: Enemy Unknown ($9.99)

All the three games above are pretty hefty and require a lot of free time to play. Continue reading below if you are looking for some casual games that will not make your Android device or you break into a sweat.

Wind Up Knight 2

Wind Up Knight 2 comes from the creators of the original Wind Up Knight game and features the same addictive gameplay as the latter. The game is a action platform-er where you don the suit of a Knight and face whatever comes your way using your weapons and other skills.

If you have not played the original game, I’d recommend you to download it as well just because of the pure fun it offers.

Download: Wind Up Knight 2 (Free)

Impossible Road

Impossible Road is a minimal arcade game where the users control a vessel that is rolling down a roller-coaster like road at very high speed. You need to make sure that you successfully navigate through all the obstacles — the sharp turns, the craters, and adverse camber.

The game also comes with Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards integration so that you can show off your high-scores to your friends.

Download: Impossible Road ($1.99)

Missed any game that you think is worthy enough to make it to this list? Drop in a comment and do let us know!