Official Google Docs & Sheets apps now available on Android


Last month, Google announced it would be ‘rebranding’ its Drive suite of office applications for Android, but at the time gave no indication as to how it intended to do so. Earlier today, the company released two of three new standalone applications — one for Docs, the other for Sheets, and stated the third, entitled Slide, is on its way.

If you’re a frequent Drive user, like me you will notice that some of your files have already been separated into their respective applications. Documents can now be found in Google Docs, Spreadsheets are located in the Sheets app and PowerPoint presentations will take residence in the new yet to be launched Slides application.

All three apps incorporate an Offline Mode, which automatically retrieves copies of your documents, and allows you to continue working on your files even when you don’t have an active data connection. Then, when you regain access to the internet, the modified documents will be synchronized.

Unfortunately, the launch of these new applications means that you’ll no longer have the ability to create and edit documents in the Drive app. Now, when you open Drive and select ‘create’, you will be greeted with a message prompting you to download Docs, Sheets and Slides.

Both the Docs and Sheets apps, are now live in the Play Store, with Slides listed as ‘coming soon’. Obviously, we’ll let you know as and when it’s available to download — so be sure to check back soon.