Exclusive Harman Kardon HTC One (M8) debuts on Sprint


Just a month after the HTC One (M8) went on sale in the United States on all the major carriers, HTC and Sprint have teamed up to release a Harman Kardon edition One (M8).

This special-edition One is similar to the regular M8, except that it comes with a unique black anodized aluminum finish with champagne highlights and uses two special technologies from Harman Kardon to deliver better audio quality. 

The Clari-Fi feature helps bring back the highs and lows usually lost while playing streaming music from services like Spotify and Pandora. The second feature is LiveStage, designed to better replicate the sound of a live concert through multiple channels. Interestingly, the special-edition One also supports native playback of FLAC files, which should please audiophiles.

Before Harman Kardon, HTC used Beats audio technology on its devices, providing a software equalizer that boosted the highs and lows when the earphones were plugged in. The only exception was the previous-generation One (M7), which featured a dedicated amp. It will be interesting to see if HTC and Harman Kardon have tweaked the internals to deliver better audio quality or if this One is just another marketing and software gimmick.

The Harmon Kardon edition One (M8) will hit Sprint retail stores May 9. It will be bundled with a set of Harman Kardon headphones worth $249.