HTC One M8 Owners On AT&T Can’t Redeem Their 50GB Of Google Drive Space Before Mid May


When HTC launched its flagship smartphone of 2014 just three weeks ago, it awarded customers a handful of promotional goodies to get them started — this is called the HTC Advantage campaign. As part of the program, anyone who purchases a handset automatically receives 50GB of free Google Drive storage, however, this doesn’t appear to be the case for AT&T customers.

Due to a ‘minor’ technical error, customers who have purchased the One (M8) on AT&T are unable to redeem the additional cloud storage space. Therefore, HTC has temporarily deactivated the Google Drive promotion until it gets everything back up and running successfully, which it anticipates as being be by ‘Mid-May’.

Dear HTC Customers and Enthusiasts,

A minor technical error has temporarily deactivated the Google Drive cloud storage offer for the AT&T HTC One (M8). Please be aware that we are working to fix this error, and the 50GB of Google Drive storage space will be available by Mid-May for this device.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you are enjoying your new HTC One (M8).


Ed Kuhner
Vice President Customer Experience

Unfortunately, we were not provided with any information as to whether M8 owners who are already using Drive will need to take any additional steps to activate the promotion, for example, resetting the application in System Settings, but we’ll be sure to let you know as and when we do.

Are you an AT&T customer who managed to activate your 50GB of additional Google Drive storage? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below.