HTC One (M8) Dot View Case Hacked To Display More Notifications


HTC’s Dot View case for the One (M8) is pretty unique. The case contains a lot of tiny holes in the front that allows users to view limited information by simply double tapping on the front. This includes the weather, missed calls, time and any incoming messages.

Now, Shen Ye, known for his closeness with HTC, has managed to hack the Dot View case app to allow it to display more notifications when using the case. 

Earlier today, he posted a picture of his One (M8) protected by the Dot View case with the notification from Twitter being visible through it. He has not yet released the hack or provided any more information, except that “Sense already hooks into social networking APIs, it shouldn’t be hard to get DotView to show those notifications.”

It is not yet known whether the hack will require root access or will work by just using a modified version of the Dot View APK. Shen has not yet provided any ETA as to when he plans on releasing the hack but knowing him, it should not be long enough.