OnePlus Posts CyanogenMod 11S Screenshots Showing Off The Theme Manager


Yesterday, thanks to some leaked press renders, we got our first glimpse at OnePlus One final design and its StyleSwap covers. Now, a staff of the OnePlus team has posted some screenshots of the flavoured version of CyanogenMod that the handset would be running.

Dubbed CyanogenMod 11S, the OS will be very similar to the CM11 but with a few specific device related enhancements and features. The five screenshots posted by the OnePlus staff show off the homescreen, the lockscreen and the theme manager that will allow users to theme various aspects of the OS including the fonts and icons.


Interestingly, there are two screenshots of the homescreen posted by the OnePlus staff — one with on-screen navigation keys and the other without it. This solidifies the rumors about the OnePlus One coming with an option to switch between hardware and on-screen navigation keys are probably true.

OnePlus will be revealing the OnePlus One on April 23rd, which should finally allow consumers to decide whether the handset has lived up to the hype present around it or not.