Press Renders Of OnePlus One & StyleSwap Covers Leak


For a relatively small startup and a new company, OnePlus has managed to create quite a hype around their product – the OnePlus One. Instead of unveiling the full specs of the handset at its launch event, the company slowly announced all the main features of the handset creating quite a hype around it. The only thing that it has kept under wraps is the design, which the company states is going to be the highlight of the device.

Today, thanks to some leaked press renders, we have our first glimpse at the OnePlus One, which shows off the minimalistic design of the handset. 

From the leaked press renders, the OnePlus One looks very much like the Oppo Find 5/7, which should not come as a surprise since the company has been founded by many ex-Oppo members. The leaked photos also show off the StyleSwap covers, which from the press renders, look mighty impressive.


Interestingly, one of the press renders shows off the UI of the phone, which looks inspired from Xiaomi’s MIUI skin and Oppo’s ColorOS. OnePlus had announced that it is partnering with CyanogenMod for the OS on its phone. However, it looks like the company might release the phone with the skin featured above targeted towards the Chinese markets with the CyanogenMod running version for the European and Asian markets.