Optical Zooming Coming To HTC Phones Next Year


HTC has been trying to re-invent mobile cameras using its UltraPixel camera sensors in its flagship handsets. While the company’s effort has not been appreciated by all, it is definitely heading in the right direction.

Now, in an interview with Vodafone U.K., HTC’s camera expert, Symon Whitehorn, revealed some interesting tidbits about the future of UltraPixel and how the smartphone camera scene is going to change dramatically in the next 12-18 months.

On the future on UltraPixel, Symon states that the company can be 4K ready now, but instead, they are waiting for the technology to go mainstream before making the jump. After all, what’s the use of adopting a technology when only a selected few can take advantage of it? On the ‘#selfie’ trend, he states that HTC wants to own 90% of this market, which is the reason why the company used a front-facing 5MP wide-angle lens camera on the new One (M8).

“We’re not matching the rear camera on the front side, but the front camera is tuned to help you give the best selfies. It’s no longer the afterthought camera that it’s been for so long.”

Interestingly, according to him, mobile phone cameras are already making point-and-shoot cameras obsolete and within a couple of years, their quality should approach DSLR levels. He also revealed that one of the most wanted features in smartphone cameras — optical zooming — is not too far away for HTC.

“Optical zooming in a smartphone is not too far off at all for HTC. I can’t give too much away, but within 12-18 months we’ll see huge advances in phone optics. That’s why we don’t necessarily believe in doing a high-resolution, photo enlarging solution.”

It looks like there is a huge possibility that we might see the One (M8) successor to come with optical zoom next year. HTC’s camera have always looked good on paper but faltered in real-life usage. Here’s hoping that its first smartphone with optical zoom does not meet the same fate as well.