Google Play Dominates On Downloads, But iTunes Still Wins Revenue Game [Report]

credit: App Annie

credit: App Annie

Android is trouncing iOS for overall downloads, says the latest report from mobile data firm App Annie. The report says, however, that when it comes to forking over cash, iOS rules.

There are more key take aways from the data which bring to light the functional differences of the two app stores and the categories and countries that are driving the continuing growth in the sector.

According to the report, Google Play has around 45 percent more downloads than iOS, driven my growth in emerging markets like Mexico and Turkey, which join Russia and Brazil as influential market regions.

While Android totally crushes iOS in terms of the number or app downloads, the App Store is still way ahead in actual revenue generated by about 85 percent. The gap is narrowing, however, as Google Play revenue is increasing in both the US and the UK.

China, meanwhile, is the key market driving iOS grown, in both number of downloads and overall revenue, the latter showing 70 percent as compared to last year’s first quarter.

Unsurprisingly, games continue to be the key driving force in both app stores, but messaging apps, tools, anti-virus software, and security apps are growing sectors across both app stores as well.

The finance category, due to tax apps like TurboTax 2013 and the current US tax season, grew in revenue by 45 percent overall.

Source: App Annie