LG G2 Camera App Ported To Nexus 5


The 8MP Optically Stabilised Camera (OIS) on the Nexus 5 can produce some stunning shots but is let down by the terrible Camera app. The Google Camera app barely provides users with any manual control and is a pain to use with its unintuitive UI.

Taking things into his own hands developer Jishnu Sur has managed to port the Camera app of the LG G2 to the Nexus 5.

Compared to the Google Camera app, LG’s camera app provides users with a plethora of options to play around with including ISO, Saturation, Contrast, Scenes and more. Other working features include Cheese Shutter, HDR and an improved picture and video recording quality. However, since this is a port, some of the features like Time Lapse videos, extremely high ISO levels and a few scene modes don’t work properly.


Installing the app will require users to have root access along with a custom recovery. While the app will work across all the popular ROMs, you might run into a few issues depending on the ROM you are using. Head over to the XDA thread linked below for the download link and installation instructions.