Leaked LG isai FL Photos Gives Us The First Look At LG G3’s Design


Last year, LG surprised everyone with the design of the LG G2. The handset barely had any bezel that allowed the Korean company to fit in a bigger screen inside a relatively small body. Most consumers are expecting that LG will be able to further reduce the bezel space on the G2’s successor.

Now, thanks to @evleaks, we now have a couple of leaked images of the LG isai FL, which might very well be based on the G3 and gives us the first look at the handset’s design.

The LG isai FL is going to be a Japan exclusive handset and will only arrive to au in KDDI. The leaked image shows the front and back of the handset with nearly non-existent top and side bezels and the rear mounted volume and power keys. Other details about the handset are scarce but expect the isai FL to pack in similar specs as the LG G3.

While the disproportionate top and bottom bezels on the handset do look weird, the latter is required to help users grip the phone properly. It also looks like LG has moved all the sensors to the bottom of the device including the front-facing camera like the Nokia N9.

LG is expected to unveil the G3 within a couple of months from now with a 2K display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset.