When It Comes To Being Boiled Alive, The Galaxy S5 Beats The iPhone 5s [Video]

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Here’s one major way the Samsung Galaxy S5 is superior to the iPhone 5s: If you boil the upcoming Android phone in hot water for two minutes, it’ll still work, while the iPhone 5s will crap out within 30 seconds or so.

The Galaxy S5’s secret sauce? Super-hydrophobic sprays that allow any device to repel water for as long as 30 minutes.

Here’s a video that shows the extreme smartphone stress test.

As far as we know, Apple has yet to sign any deals with makers of super-hydrophobic coatings to apply that technology to the iPhone, but it’s hard not to believe it’s coming soon. Moisture damage is the No. 1 reason iPhones and iPads break within warranty, something Apple would love to get a handle on.

In the case of this Galaxy S5, it seems less likely that the water actually killed the handset than the extreme temperatures. Even after boiling the device for minutes, though, the Galaxy S5 retained at least some of its functionality.

Say what you want about Samsung being a copycat — this sort of technology is something we’d be thrilled to see Apple copy from its South Korean competitor.

Source: YouTube