United Airlines App Gets ‘An All-New Android Friendly Design’


The official United Airlines app has today received a rather nifty update on the Google Play Store, bringing with it an all-new Android friendly design, a revamped seat mapping and allocation system, a new mobile boarding pass display with enhanced multi-passenger view and improved booking search results — which now gives you the option of a list view so you can browse through more flights on the screen.

It’s fairly safe to say that the old United Airlines app had a pretty dreadful user interface, and to add to the despair it was incredibly slow when loading boarding passes or browsing through travel itineraries.

Thankfully, these issues are now a thing of the past. This latest update incorporates a fresh and fluid new interface, which really is a pleasure to use. It’s ultra-responsive when navigating through flight manifests, and is extremely snappy when accessing boarding passes as well as the seat mapping system. It also looks great and ties in nicely to the newly-implemented Android 4.4 KitKat design guidelines. There’s even a hamburger menu for us to enjoy!

In addition, the development team behind this latest update have also thrown in a couple of Android-exclusive features, which iPhone users won’t be able to get their mitts on just yet. Droider’s will now be able to rotate their screen, stack multiple boarding passes and access the recently-refreshed widget directly on their home screen.

Check out the full changelog here:

  • All-new Android friendly design
  • Improved booking search results, giving you the choice of a list view for more flights on the screen, or an expanded view for a more detailed display
  • Multi-segment award bookings
  • Enhanced calendar selection for flight search
  • All-new seat map design
  • New mobile boarding pass display with enhanced multi-passenger view
  • Streamlined flight status look and feel

The latest United Airlines update is  now available to download and install from the Google Play Store — just click the source link below.