U.S. Cellular Expanding 4G LTE Coverage To A Handful Of New States

U.S. Cellular Logo

American carrier U.S. Cellular has just announced the availability of 4G LTE services in a few new states while expanding existing coverage in some regions. The carrier expects to add 1,200 4G LTE towers which will connect over 93% of its users with blazing fast LTE networks by the end of the year.

Since U.S. Cellular is predominantly a metropolitan carrier, its reach will not extend beyond the realms of major cities, so it won’t affect a lot of users. However, being the country’s fifth largest carrier, it still has a large number of users.

New states to get the 4G LTE connectivity from U.S. Cellular include Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and North Carolina while Iowa, Illinois, Maine, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas are getting enhanced service from the carrier. U.S. Cellular will soon bring the service to Oklahoma City, Emporia (Kansas) and Door County (Wisconsin) as well.

This should come as good news if you’re a resident of these regions and rely on U.S. Cellular for your data needs. We expect more regions to follow in the coming months.