New Update Fixes Samsung Gear Fit’s Awkward Display Orientation Problem

Gear Fit Vertical

Samsung has just issued a new update to the Gear Fit smartwatch which fixes the display orientation issue. This update will now allow users to check details on the smartwatch vertically rather than just horizontally from an awkward angle.

It seems like Samsung has learnt from the criticism that it has received from the public before the smartwatch officially launches in world markets later this week.

Despite the change in orientation, some details might not be properly visible due to the narrowness of the display, which could be a hindrance for some users.

The update has made its way to Korea where the smartwatch is already available, but we expect global variants of the smartwatch to have this particular feature out of the box.

The Gear Fit is one of the best smartwatches we have seen this year along with the Moto 360, so it’s good to see that Samsung is making changes as necessary.

This wearable device is priced at $199 from major retailers across the U.S., while the slightly more powerful Gear 2 costs $299.