HTC One (M8) Gains Sweep To Sleep Via Kernel Module


The HTC One (M8) comes with quite a few software gimmicks and novelties including Motion launch gestures. These gestures allow users to directly launch the camera or even wake it up by simply double tapping on the screen even when the device is sleeping, However, unlike the LG G2, the M8 does not allow users to put it to sleep by double tapping on the screen, which means they have to press the awkwardly located power button on the top.

Taking things into his own hand, developer flar2 has developed a kernel module for the device that allows users to put the device to sleep by simply swiping from left to right on the bottom navigation bar. This is much more convenient than pressing the power button on the top of the M8, which is already a pretty tall device.

There is no noticeable impact on battery life as well, which should please a lot of users. The mod will work on all the various variants of the HTC One (M8) but installation requires root access with a custom recovery installed.

Head over to the source for the download link and installation procedures.